Understanding Dementia

By Demetia Australia

  • Foundational
  • 3 hours
  • Face-to-face

This workshop delivered onsite to your team who are supporting people living with dementia provides an overview of dementia, including signs and symptoms, causes, and an understanding of how dementia affects the brain and behaviour. Your team will be encouraged to reflect on their practice and ways this knowledge translates into person-centred support for people living with dementia.

Dementia Awareness and Understanding



Continuing Professional Development (CPD) :
3 hours

Learning Outcomes

Program benefits include:
  • Staff learn how to identify changes associated with cognitive impairment and dementia.
  • Your workforce understands how to provide safe, person-centred support that meets the needs of people living with dementia.
  • People living with dementia feel confident that their needs and preferences are understood.