Changed Behaviour Toolkit

By Dementia Training Australia

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Lead 15-minute learning sessions on changed behaviour in regular staff meetings, at handover time or in a team huddle – using this toolkit! The learning and training ‘tools’ you’ll find in this toolkit focus on best practice approaches with an emphasis on the person behind the behaviour, as well as specific changed behaviour and psychological symptoms. We developed this toolkit in response to health professionals’ requests for a resource to help them educate their health and care staff that would provide: brief ‘bite-sized’ training sessions in time-poor environments. practical approaches to changed behaviour expressed by people living with dementia in their care. These 15 to 20 minute topics can be delivered in any order and are stand-alone.



Resource Type:
Trainer resources

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes:
  • Explain the concept of changed behaviour in dementia.
  • Identify models to understand and respond to changed behaviour.
  • Identify appropriate assessment processes and tools.
  • Identify interventions used to reduce and manage changed behaviour.