Assessments and interventions for wandering

By Dementia Training Australia

  • Foundational
  • 40 minutes
  • Online Module
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You'll build on your knowledge of dementia and changed behaviours and learn about tools designed to assess wandering behaviour. You will also learn about interventions that may help to keep the person with dementia who wanders safe throughout the course of their day. This is module 2 in the 3-part module series: Walking Safely with Dementia




Continuing Professional Development (CPD) :
40 minutes

Learning Outcomes

After completing this module, staff should be able to:
  • Describe the characteristics and impacts of dementia-related wandering.
  • Identify how to accurately assess a person's wandering behaviour.
  • Identify appropriate evidence-based interventions to implement in community-based care.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of interventions for a person with wandering behaviour.