Recognising Dementia in General Practice

By Dementia Training Australia

  • Foundational
  • 40 minutes
  • Online Module
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In this module strategies to recognise and manage dementia in General Practice will be examined. This is module 1 in the 4-part module series: Recognising, Diagnosing and Managing Dementia in General Practice

Dementia Awareness and Understanding



Continuing Professional Development (CPD) :
40 minutes

Learning Outcomes

After completing this module, staff should be able to:
  • Argue that dementia is a significant 21st century health issue.
  • Identify the types of dementia commonly seen in General Practice.
  • Prioritise the importance of a timely dementia diagnosis in primary care.
  • Recognise the barriers to the diagnosis of Dementia in General practice.
  • Identify the medical and social impact of dementia on the individual, family and broader community.