Advancing practice in the care of people with dementia

By Dementia Training Australia

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The content provides an introduction to the key components and issues in the care of people with dementia, as well as pointers to further in-depth information and useful resources. The content is suitable for health professionals from all disciplines and for undergraduate health care students. The handbooks form a self-directed education program – at the pace of the learner with no time limits for completion. The recommendation is to progress through the handbooks in order. Topics Covered: Handbook 1 – Overview of dementia Handbook 2 – Risk factors Handbook 3 – Diagnosing dementia Handbook 4 – Promoting wellbeing Handbook 5 – Treatment and intervention options Handbook 6 – Social and lifestyle Handbook 7 – Behaviours and psychological symptoms Handbook 8 – Therapeutic communication Handbook 9 – The role of the carer

Dementia Diagnosis and Support


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Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes:
  • Distinguish between the aetiology of common types of dementia: AD, Vascular, Lewy body.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the diagnostic process, including differential diagnoses.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of treatment and intervention options.
  • Describe the impact of a diagnosis of dementia on the person and their family/carers.
  • Discuss the social and lifestyle issues which may arise for the person with dementia, their family/carers.