Advancing practice in the care of people with dementia: Module 7 – Behaviours and psychological symptoms associated with dementia

By Dementia Training Australia

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Alzheimer's disease and other subtypes of dementia are neurodegenerative conditions that over time, affect the person's physical and cognitive abilities. From a clinical perspective, they tend to be categorised in terms of symptoms and stages. From the individuals perspective 'dementia is a shift in the way a person experiences the world around him/her' (Power, 2016. p19). The person's experiences through the lens of dementia may be communicated by behavioural responses rather than the spoken word to express a need, an emotion, their reaction to illness or other and physical environmental factors. The challenge for those who provide support is understanding the causes of changed behaviours.



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Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes:
  • Describe the key issues and considerations in the care of people living with dementia.
  • Implement person-centred and evidence based care for people with dementia.